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Murder on the Orient Express
Movie Title Tag: Murder on the Orient Express
Summary: Having concluded a case, detective Hercule Poirot (Albert Finney) settles into what he expects will be a relaxing journey home aboard the Orient Express. But when an unpopular billionaire is murdered en route, Poirot takes up the case, and everyone on board the famous train is a suspect. Using an avalanche blocking the tracks to his advantage, Poirot gradually realizes that many of the passengers have revenge as a motive, and he begins to home in on the culprit.

Concept: Mystery and murder go hand in hand, who's going to be next? Are we safe? This piece shows this murder mystery movie in a grungy, thriller style but having a time period feel.

Technique: I shot and made the blood, used a type writer for the typography, and textures were all scanned in. 
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